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The Sunday Basket® System

With so many balls to juggle I started using the Sunday Basket® System  to keep my life organized.  

​The Sunday Basket is a system for processing mail, kitchen counter "to do" paperwork, random notes, schedules, and ongoing household projects.  The Sunday Basket helps me to manage all the actionable papers, ideas, and things that I need to do. The weekly routine of processing paperwork and reviewing my calendar creates calm over chaos.

Learn about the Sunday Basket® System.


Home Reference Binders

Reference and archive paperwork - the information that we need to keep.  I eliminated two five drawer filing cabinets of information.  Do you know that you are keeping MORE than you need?  Ditch the file cabinet and use Organize 365® Reference Binders ~ the portable solution for managing your important information. Having all your information at your fingertips will be a life saver when you experience life's unexpected events.

The Medical, Financial, Household Reference, Household Operations, and Warrior MAMA binders allow you to easily reference your most important information.


The Friday Workbox® System

The Friday Workbox® System is what I use  to manage my Productivity and Life  Coaching business.  This business systems integrates with the household Sunday Basket System.

The Friday Workbox helps to make the invisible work visible so that you are able to be proactive instead of reactive.  The Friday Workbox is designed to be reviewed weekly on Friday to plan and organize your upcoming week. ​ It makes the invisible work visible in a way that continues to move projects across the finish line.

Learn about the Friday Workbox®


Warrior MAMA Binder

stands for: Managing All Medical Alternatives

Oh how I wished I would have had this binder when my children were in school!  This binder would have made the communication with teachers and medical providers easier.

This binder organizes the IEP/504 paperwork, schoolwork, and medical documents that is necessary to advocate for services for your child.

You're heard the phrase "knowledge is power".  A parent attending a meeting with all the necessary documents is taken seriously.  

If you have a Warrior MAMA Binder and would like 1-1 support to put your binder together, please send me an email and we can schedule a working session.

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Paper Organizing Retreat

The Paper Organizing Retreat is designed to give you time to focus on organizing paper that's been living in bins, bags, and boxes.

  • Live Coaching from  an Organizing 365® Paper Certified® Organizer

  • Paper Survey to help in your decision making

  • Camaraderie with others who are also organizing paper!

  • Encouragement and support

  • Zoom event

At the end.. "How did you feel?

  • encouraged!

  • relieved!

  • clear recognition that there is a direction and a way to do it

  • accomplished!

  • good because I made progress

Learn more about Paper Organizing Retreats

Keep your home and work organized and increase productivity.

These tools will help you stay on track.

As a professional organizer, I know these systems work.  I have been using these organizing solutions since they came to market.  These systems have allowed me to manage my family, home, and business with ease.   I became a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer through Organize 365® and have added on the additional certifications so that I am equipped to help you as you create customized solutions for your life.

You can support Organizing Your Chaos by purchasing your Sunday Basket and other paper organizing supplies through our unique affiliate partner link. We appreciate your support!

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Monique Horb and Lisa Woodruff on an Organizee365 podcast episode

Check out my podcast appearances

with Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365®

You can learn a little more about me. I recently shared on the Organize 365® podcast about the unexpected events that impacted my family in 2023.


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