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Workshops that help you create systems to keep up with all the things that need to be done

Learn to stay on track each week, each month, and each season.

Monique Horb with the Sunday Basket paper organizing system

The Sunday Basket® changed my life!

I discovered it was the answer to the paper chaos that my clients were struggling with.

The Full Story

​I met Lisa Woodruff, Owner of Organize 365® over ten years ago when I was working as a Professional Home Organizer and knew that the Sunday Basket® System was the answer to the information and paper chaos that my clients were struggling with.   

Over and over again clients I worked with needed solutions for the piles of paper that were in boxes, bags, and bins. As I listened to the frustration expressed by my clients, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the solution and became certified with Organize 365® as a Paper Solution®  Certified Organizer.  I am honored to help families gain control of their paper chaos with home reference binders as they ditch the file cabinet.

With so many balls to juggle the Sunday Basket is what I use to keep my life organized.  The Sunday Basket helps me to manage all the actionable papers, ideas, and things to do, and can be used anywhere! 
I use the Friday Workbox®  to manage my full-time job and my productivity coaching business.  These two systems work together and have created space for me to manage my home and work and enjoy my life. 


  • ​The Sunday Basket is a system for processing mail, kitchen counter "to do" paperwork, random notes, schedules, and ongoing household projects. The weekly routine of processing, and maintaining household to-do's and papers is the perfect training ground for all your future home organizing skills. 

  • The Friday Workbox helps to make the invisible work visible so that you are able to be proactive instead of reactive.  The Friday Workbox is designed to be reviewed weekly on Friday to plan and organize your upcoming week. ​

Monique Horb uses the Organize 365 Financial Organizing binder system

Do you feel like you are winning at work and losing at home?  These tools will help you stay on track.

Learn to use productivity tools to guide you in creating a system for your work and home management.

Productivity Workshops

Supplies are not included.

If you need to purchase an Organize 365®​ Sunday Basket®, Friday Workbox®,  Organize 365® Reference Binders, or supplies, please do so at least one week before the workshop to make sure you will have your products in time.  Orders made through our unique partner link are appreciated!  

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