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5 Keys to Go from Chaos to Calm

In this FREE guide you will learn what the 5 key areas to focus on to live a calm life.

Unexpected events can cause  chaos.  When you have these areas organized, then you will be ready when the unexpected chaos arrives.


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5 Keys to Go from Chaos to Calm

I'm Monique.

I'm a life and productivity coach, who helps women who feel stuck and want to make changes in their lives.


My years of managing a home of eight were not easy. Now, my six children are all adults. I want to share my organization and productivity strategies with you so that you can feel calm and empowered, even in the midst of chaos. I draw from my story, life coach training, professional organizer experience, and  practical tools to help you create new ways of thinking so that you can create  new way of living. 

I work together with women like you to create a life that allows you to do what you are created to do ~Make an impact in your world!

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