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Coaching Services

Empowered, organized woman feeling excited

Coaching services are for you if...


You want to improve your schedule because you're tired of being late


Your home is causing you to feel anxious


You want accountability and advice

Empowered, busy woman with an organized schedule


You don't know where to start tackling it all


You're paying your bills late


You are committed to working towards your goal

We'll develop a plan together to get you moving forward

so that you can create the life you want, use your gifts and talents every day, set a good example for your family, and have less on your mind.

Benefits of Coaching

  • It is easy to fit into a busy schedule​​

  • You receive a customized plan and actionable steps​

  • Regular feedback on goals

  • Help in time management and productivity

  • Leads to personal growth

  • Improvement in confidence

  • Help learn and maintain healthy habits

Coaching Options

Productivity & Time Management

Use practical tools - like the Sunday Basket® - to improve productivity and organization.

Life Coaching

Create a plan to move towards your goals & transform your life. I'm here for you!

Accountability Group

Encouragement & accountability from other ladies all supporting each other.

Monique Horb virtual group coaching for productivity

I want coaching! What is the right option for me?

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me. I'll help you determine which coaching package fits your needs!

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